Fluonox® KR435

Supplier Partner
GFL Americas
Product Type
Product Subtype
% Flourine
Additional Details
Diamine/Bisphenol Curable
Cure System
Raw Gum
Mooney Viscosity ML [1+10] @ 121 deg. C
FLUONOX® KR435 is a medium-low viscosity terpolymer with 68.5% Fluorine content, consisting of HFP, VDF, and TFE. FLUONOX® KR435 doesn’t content curatives, it can be cured with diamine or bisphenol AF curing systems. FLUONOX® KR435 shows the typical chemical resistance of FKM terpolymers, thus it is used where better chemical resistance compared to standard FKM copolymer is required. It is suitable for compression, transfer and injection moulding of O-rings, shaft seals, valve stem seals, gaskets where good chemical resistance is required. It can also be compounded and dissolved in polar media for Coating applications.