Homogetec ME

Supplier Partner
Product Type
Rubber Process Aids
Product Subtype
Homogenizing Agent
Softening Point
75° C
Use In
Dark/Black Compounds
HOMOGETEC ME acts primarily as a homogenizing agent for different elastomers, and must be added at the beginning of the mixing cycle, together with the higher viscosity polymer Mooney. From there, both the other elastomers and the fillers will have their incorporation much easier, resulting in a perfectly homogeneous compound. The presence of HOMOGETEC ME reduces the viscosity of the compound, thus reducing the mixing time, as well as energy consumption and equipment wear. HOMOGETEC ME can be used from 3.0 to 10 PHR at the discretion of the formulator, without major changes occurring in the properties of the compound. Due to its color, HOMOGETEC ME should only be used in black compounds. In compounds intended for extrusion or injection, the use of HOMOGETEC ME increases both the speed of extrusion and injection, resulting in products with a better surface finish.