Fluxtec 32

Supplier Partner
Product Type
Rubber Process Aids
Product Subtype
Fatty Acid Soap
Softening Point
105° C
FLUXTEC 32 is used in rubber compounds to improve the flow properties. This effect is attributable to a considerable reduction of the viscosity of the compound and a decrease of the sliding friction when it contact with metal surface. FLUXTEC 32 eliminates sticking of the compounds to rotors in internal mixers or in open mills and calender rolls, and improves mold release, specially when complicated mold designs are involved. FLUXTEC 32 decreases considerably the Polychloroprene compounds crystallization trend, extending the compound stability during the storage time. For EVA compounds, FLUXTEC 32 is indispensable as an internal lubricant to achieve the optimum release effect between plates and mold as well as improves the flow of the compound. FLUXTEC 32 can be added at any stage of the mixing cycle, even during the warm up stage of the finished compounds prior to calendering. However, to achieve the optimum release effect and reduction of friction it is recommended to add the FLUXTEC 32 during the final mixing stage.