Luperox® AIR™ XL-80

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Organic Peroxide
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Luperox® AIR™ XL 80 is a peroxide formulation used for the crosslinking of synthetics rubbers. This product is protected against oxygen inhibition and can be used in open curing technologies like UHF and hot air tunnel giving profiles with no surface undercuring and tackiness. It can also be used in steam autoclave curing to reduce or eliminate the need of purge. In injection and compression molding technologies it can eliminate the mold fouling due to the air trapped in the mold cavity. This peroxide is suitable for many applications such as building and automotive profiles, automotive rubber parts, wire and cable, technical rubber parts. It is efficient crosslinking agent for synthetic polymers like EPM, EPDM, (H)NBR, EVA, EBA, EMA, EEA and FKM.