Homogetec MTC

Supplier Partner
Product Type
Rubber Process Aids
Product Subtype
Homogenizing Agent
Softening Point
97° C
Use In
Light Colored Compounds
In mixed conditions, HOMOGETEC MTC, when added to the higher viscosity elastomer, greatly facilitates processing, resulting in faster and more homogeneous mixtures. In compounds intended for extrusion or injection, the use of HOMOGETEC MTC increases both the speed of extrusion and injection, resulting in products with better surface finish and greater equipment performance. The presence of HOMOGETEC MTC in the compound, in addition to reducing its viscosity, making the material more plastic with advantages in processing, does not alter the properties of the final artifact, and can be used from 3.0 to 8.0 PHR, at the discretion of the formulator .