Fluxtec 120

Supplier Partner
Product Type
Rubber Process Aids
Product Subtype
Fatty Acid Soap
Softening Point
107° C
FLUXTEC 120 is a recommented process aid for Natural Rubber, SBR and Regenerated Rubber compounds, where its use in quantities of 1 a 5 PHR provides better processing of the compound, resulting in smother work, reducing energy consumption and equipalment wear, with consequent time gain and mixing quantity. It’s presence in compounds to be extruded results in profiles with a better finish, dimensionally more stable, with gain extrusion speed, which makes it highty recommended for Camelback and extruded in general. Due to its compatibility, with most compounds, it dos not present any type of migration and therefore does not interference in process that involve adhesion. FLUXTEC 120 is a general purpose product. If the presence of stearic acid is inconvenient, it can even be eliminated with the presence of FLUXTEC 120.