Kalene® 1300

Supplier Partner
HB Fuller
Product Type
Liquid Polymers
Product Subtype
Liquid Butyl Rubber
Avg. Molecular Weight
Viscosity (cP) @ 200°F
KALENE® 1300 is a low molecular weight liquid polymer derived by the depolymerization of butyl rubber. It vulcanizes at either ambient or elevated temperature with the standard curatives for butyl rubber.KALENE® 1300 is light gray and contains no solvents or additives. KALENE® 1300 has the higher viscosity of the two KALENE® grades available and is the ideal choice for applications requiring the maximum retention of physical properties at the expense of a maximum reduction in viscosity. KALENE® 1300 is the preferred liquid butyl rubber for adhesive applications and a reactive additive to ordinary butyl rubber.KALENE® 1300 provides gas impermeability, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, good electrical properties, and excellent vibration/sound damping qualities.