Pelectron HS

Supplier Partner
Sanam Corporation
Product Type
PVC/Thermoplastic Additives
Product Subtype
Antistatic Agent
Chemical Type
Melt Range
Approx. 135 °C (275 °F)
PELECTRON HS is a polymer-alloy type permanent antistatic agent for styrene resins which was developed by using an original Sanyo Chemical compatibilization technique. This product imparts a long-lasting antistatic property to styrene resins while causing practically no lowering of their physical properties and moldability by being kneaded into resins such as HIPS*, ABS resins and modified PPE**. In addition, compared to conventional permanent antistatic agents, PELECTRON HS exhibits an excellent antistatic property even when used in small amounts because this product substantially decreases surface resistivity of styrene resins. * High impact polystyrene ** Polyphenylene ether