Pelectron AS

Supplier Partner
Sanam Corporation
Product Type
PVC/Thermoplastic Additives
Product Subtype
Antistatic Agent
Chemical Type
Melt Flow Rate g/30
10 min, 215 °C (419 °F), 21.18 N
Melt Range
Approx. 195 °C (383 °F)
PELECTRON AS is a polymer-alloy type permanent antistatic agent for styrene resins which were developed by using an original Sanyo Chemical compatibilization technique. This product imparts a long-lasting antistatic property to styrene resins such as ABS resin and PC/ABS resin by being kneaded into them while causing practically no lowering of their physical properties and moldability. In addition, compared to conventional permanent antistatic agents, PELECTRON AS exhibits an excellent antistatic property even when used in small amounts because this product substantially decreases surface resistivity of styrene resins.