Stangard® CTP-CR

Supplier Partner
HSDC - Rubber Chemicals
Product Type
Rubber Chemical
Product Subtype
Vulcanization Inhibitor
Chemical Type
Anti-Scorch Agent
CTP is an inhibitor that when used in an elastomer compound delays the onset of vulcanization. It is most effective when used with sulfenamides, but may be used with all classes and work best when used in NR, NBR, and SBR. It is a true retarder, as it only affects the cure, not the modulus development. CTP is nonstaining and only slightly discoloring when used in light colored compounds. CTP is typically used with NR, IR, SBR, and NBR as it is most active but also maybe used in EPDM, IIR, and CR. CTP has typical properties of: Specific Gravity @ 1.30; Melt Point @ 88°C, and is available in a white crystal or oil treated powder form.