Supplier Partner
PPG Industries Silica
Product Type
Product Subtype
Non-Black Filler
Reinforcing Grade
Silica Type
Untreated Precipitated Silica
Surface Area Range
75-150 (Medium)
Surface Area
Often used in white or colored rubber applications where tensile strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance are critical to final product performance; superior heat age resistance and tear strength are added benefits when used with carbon black (example: N-347, N-358); Hi-Sil 243LD and 210 can be used to promote adhesion to brass coated steel or fabric cord, alone or as part of a bonding system; reduces the tendency for "chunk out" in OTR tire treads and heavy truck tires by improving the Natural Rubber compound tear resistance; alters stiffness in the bead area and/or alters the dynamic properties of tread compounds, usually in combination with silane coupling agents.