Mixland®+ ZDBC 75 GA F140

Supplier Partner
MLPC International
Product Type
Rubber Chemical Dispersions
Product Subtype
Chemical Type
Dithiocarbamate, Epoxy
Mixland+® ZDBC masterbatch is an ultra primary accelerator for NR, SBR, CR, IIR, EPDM. In dry rubber, it provides acceptable scorch resistance. It is widely used as a secondary ultraaccelerator for thiazoles and sulfenamides. It provides good ageing resistance for transparent products, dispersions, adhesives and profiles. It is a general polymer stabiliser and an antioxidant for uncured dry rubber compounds. It presents the same properties as ZDEC but it disperses more rapidly and is less blooming. Fast curing from 100°C and up, has a low critical temperature and a medium curing range below 121°C